Language: Teutonic

Ruler: King Eiger I

Capital: Drachenburg

The nation of Eisen is nestled securely in the arms of the Weass mountain range. The capital city of Drachenburg is located high in the mountain passes and has never fallen to enemy troops in all of recorded history. The people of Eisen are handy and self-sufficient. They seem to possess an innate obedience to authority, making the nobles lives much easier than in the rest of Aquilia.

Red warrior plate by pandarice This obedience and discipline of the people of Eisen allow the country to field the best infantry troops in Aquilia. Their heavy infantry is well-disciplined, well-trained and can stand up to all but the most powerful cavalry charges.

The efficiency of the Eisen military is best seen in the system of coastal watch towers they maintain to prevent the coastal raids of the Northmen. The watch towers signal the approach of enemy ships and a quick strike force of mounted infantry ride to check the raiders advance. While they hold the enemy the heavy infantry hurries to the combat and attempts to crush the raiders. The first few times this tactic was used against the Northmen it met with devastating success. The Northmen now generally avoid the Eisen coastline as the defenses are too well maintained.

Eisen is also known for their civil and military engineers. There are several private universities that teach wealthy freemen or the second sons of noblemen in the art. The graduates of these universities are highly sought after by the lords of all the other nations for their great knowledge and ability.

In addition to stone and discipline, Eisen is known for one other unique feature. There is a metal that runs deep in the rock of The Spine of the World that is superior to steel. It is known as Dracheneisen and is highly sought after by smiths and warriors the world over. Only the miners of Eisen have been able to successfully locate and excavate this mineral. If it exists in other nations, or other mountain ranges, has yet to be determined.


Gazetteer of Aerrunn Donegal