Kazzaktine Empire

Language: Kazzak

Ruler: Emperor Constantine I

Capital: Damascus

Kazzaktine is impacted by the Azrac Empire nearly as severely as Castille. Generations of raiding across The Inner Sea have led to a large cultural exchange between the two societies. Because of the ocean barrier between the two, no large scale incursions by the Azracs have been successful. In recent years, however, crusader armies have been able to establish a beachhead in the Azrac homeland. The crusaders have taken the city of Syphora, renamed Bastion, and now hold it under a near continuous siege against the infidel armies.

These cultural differences have estranged the people of Kazzaktine from the rest of the Aquilian nations. So much so, in fact, that crusaders from other nations have treated the populace of Kazzaktine poorly while traveling through the countryside. The trouble has led to widespread banditry in the rural areas of Kazzaktine. Emperor Constantine has appealed to the Church for restitution, but his pleas have so far fell on deaf ears in the Holy City.

Constantinople view by pbario d5fa8oz

Damascus is the heart and soul of Kazzaktine and contains a massive fortification called simply “The Citadel”. It’s walls are over 100’ and is considered impregnable by leading military minds of the day. The backbone of the field armies of Kazzaktine is the mounted Kataphractoi. These Knights wear finely crafted scale mail and employ the composite shortbow to devastating effect from the backs of their speedy warhorses, a tactic adopted from the Azracs.

Kazzaktine Empire

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