Language: Slavic

Ruler: Izrador the Ever-Living

Capital: Castle Romovir

Draculas castle by gaius31duke
Moldavia is a bleak and depressing country. Dark gray mountain peaks and even darker valleys blot the entire landscape. The high mountain passes are snowbound 8 months of the year, isolating the populace from the outside world and each other. This isolation leads to severe xenophobia, and the common people are distrustful of all outsiders.

There is no conventional nobility in Moldavia. The various provinces of the land are ruled by ‘Lords’, but these lords are appointed directly by Izrador, and left to their own devices most of the time. There is no appeal for the common people, no magistrates or royal chamberlains. Even the Church has a very slight presence in Moldavia, limited to the occasional parish priest or itinerant monk, most of which have been sent to Moldavia as punishment for past transgressions. In fact, there is only one royal decree; magic of any sort is forbidden to the commoners. The penalty is torture and death. Harboring or aiding a magic-user carries the same penalty.

Izrador enforces this law by sending his Legates throughout the countryside. The Legates have supernatural abilities to sniff out the wielders of arcane magic, and do so with a perverse zeal. Divine casters are not immune to their search, although Clerics are not immediately discernable by the Legates dark powers. Those magic-users that are caught by the Legates are taken to the dungeons of Castle Romovir, never to be seen or heard from again.


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