Language: Languedoc

Ruler: King Ebberon III

Capital: Gardeaux

Occitan is one of the more remote nations in Aquilia. They are farthest from the center of the Church’s power and their lack of influence is obvious in the everyday manners of the populace. Many still adhere to ancient superstitions which are outlawed in other countries. Touching iron to ward off evil and sacrificing livestock to ensure a good harvest are all common gestures of the people of Occitan. To further enhance the Pagan nature of the nation, many of the inhabitants are of mixed Northmen blood. Occitan is the most raided country in Aquilia. At times, the Northmen have even established short-lived colonies on Occitan soil. Under King Ebberon II, all of these colonies were driven out of the country and the beginnings of a national program for defense were started.

Archer by goshun d5d2kqp Ebberon III found that the people of Occitan’s best defense lay in forcing every man to be ready to defend their homes at a moments notice. He instituted the mandatory possession and proficiency with the longbow for every commoner. The people of Occitan had long been famous for their skill with the weapon, and it seemed a logical choice for Eberron to concentrate the people on their nationalistic weapon. The nobles still train to fight mounted, but the trained peasant militia have been invaluable in offering ranged support. It is mandatory for every man between the ages of 16 and 60 to practice for half a day, once a week. Many practice more than this, and quite a few use the longbow in their daily trade.

Occitan has the most abundant population of game animals of any of the Aquilian nations, and Hunter is the primary occupation of most Occitan males. Instead of the large, cooperative farms that dot most of the rest of Aquilia, Occitan is more known for it’s hunter’s cottages with a small vegetable garden.


Gazetteer of Aerrunn Donegal